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Welcome to ShipBob's Winter Release!

2022 was a record-breaking year for our customers, and 2023 is already off to a great start. Despite potential challenges, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and finding new ways to support your success. We take pride in powering the success of the world's top DTC brands and emerging businesses. We're committed to driving your growth and are excited to be a part of your journey.

What's new for Winter'23? We're highlighting the latest product updates to help you grow smarter in 2023. With ShipBob’s full-stack fulfillment platform, you can unlock control and flexibility to fulfill your way.

Watch the video below from ShipBob CMO, Casey Armstrong, and check out all of the new innovations from the ShipBob team.


Delight Shoppers

60% of global consumers expect same-, next-, or two-day delivery.

Stay ahead of your competition by making each order experience: 

  • Fast: Offer 2-day and expedited shipping options at checkout 
  • Free: Reward customers with free shipping. Distribute inventory to make it more cost-effective for your brand.
  • Personalized: Use automation rules and unboxing delighters.

ShipBob helps your brand meet expectations at scale with affordable, fast shipping options, automated personalization, and a Customization Suite to elevate your brand.

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Inventory Distribution

Make cost-effective fast shipping a reality. 

Fulfill orders from closer to your end customer to reduce shipping costs and transit times with smarter inventory distribution.

  • Flexible capacity across US network of 30+ fulfillment centers
  • Distribute inventory in each US region
  • Use powerful analytics to intelligently distribute based on cost-savings and lower transit times

Learn more about inventory distribution with ShipBob.


Orchestrate Inventory Distribution

Inventory Placement Early Access 

Send your inventory to one location, and we do the rest.

ShipBob's Inventory Placement program helps you distribute your inventory across the US. No need for your team to manage multi-location inbound shipments or identify the most optimal fulfillment center locations.

Get time back, while you and your customers enjoy faster, more cost-effective shipping.

Inventory Placement is invite-only in the US for high-volume brands. Request early access below.👇

Inventory Placement WINTER
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Auto Split Allocation Rules

Optimize for timely delivery.

Instead of orders going into exception and having to manually split orders due to not having all items in an order in a single fulfillment center, reduce the operational burden by setting up auto split allocation rules.

Our customizable rule settings allow you to split orders into multiple (or even partial) shipments.

To enable auto split allocation rules, reach out to Merchant Care.

Customization Suite

Elevate, personalize, and distinguish your brand.

ShipBob’s Customization Suite can build loyalty with customers and help you stand out from your competition with unforgettable unboxing moments, including:

  • Branded packaging
  • Kitting projects
  • Custom sender labels
  • Marketing inserts
  • Gift notes
Winter Release - Customization

Sell Everywhere

63% of brands will add at least one new sales channel in 2023.

Looking to sell your product in the stores, websites, and marketplaces of large, national retailers? With ShipBob's platform, you can sell everything, everywhere, all at once.

Expand to your next storefront by leveraging ShipBob's technology, expansive network, EDI integration partners, and speed-to-market to satisfy your retail distribution and dropshipping partners.

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B2B Suite

Unlock an easier way to grow your footprint, meet retailer compliance guidelines, and fulfill dropship and wholesale orders.

We now support 90+ top retailers through EDI-automated online and/or in-store B2B fulfillment. Our most recent retail dropshipping and distribution additions include Sur La Table, Rue Gilt, Zulily, PGA Tour, and Dollar General.

Leverage ShipBob’s fulfillment platform, locations across the United States, and EDI integrations with SPS Commerce, LogicBroker, and Cymbio to scale B2B fulfillment. Learn more.

B2B Bulk Order Upload

Simplify B2B order creation to save time.

Tired of the monotonous and time-consuming practice of uploading non-EDI B2B orders one by one? ShipBob has updated our bulk order upload template with the ability to support B2B orders. 

With this new template, you can upload up to 1,000 orders per spreadsheet and 50 items per order. You can also include any special packing or SKU instructions. 

_B2B Excel Upload
_1_W_B2B Order Timeline-01

B2B Order Timestamps & Photos Early Access

Gain new transparency for freight and pre-paid parcel orders.

Coming soon to a B2B order page near you — new timestamps detailing when a freight or prepaid parcel order has been sorted and picked up!

This new feature will provide you with visibility into outbound orders and the ability to combat costly retailer chargebacks with photo attachments. To get started, request early access.👇

Go Global

37% of brands plan to ship to new countries or fulfill from new countries this year.

Thinking of expanding your global footprint this year? ShipBob makes it easy for you to efficiently reach a wider audience.

With DDU and DDP cross-border shipping options to reach 200+ countries and 40+ locations in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia, you get more control and flexibility to expand your way.

_W_International Shipping-01
ShipBob's Global Fulfillment Network
United Kingdom-1

🇬🇧 United Kingdom



📍Swindon NEW Jan '23 ❄️



🇪🇺 Europe

📍Gorzow, Poland

📍Dublin, Ireland


🇦🇺 Australia





🇨🇦 Canada

📍Brampton, Ontario

📍Additional capacity coming soon!



🇺🇸 United States

📍30+ US Warehouses


global l ocations

🌏 Global Shipping


📍Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) to 200+ countries from all ShipBob locations

📍Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)
to 200+ countries from US, Canada, UK, and Ireland locations

Local Currency & Billing Early Access

View billing and pay in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, or AUD.

Starting in early March, we'll begin opening up the ability to let you view pricing in the ShipBob dashboard and pay in local currency in the countries we fulfill in.

🇦🇺 Fulfilling from Australia? Choose AUD (or USD)
🇨🇦 Fulfilling from Canada? Choose CAD (or USD)
🇬🇧 Fulfilling from United Kingdom? Choose GBP (or USD)
🇪🇺 Fulfilling from Ireland or Poland? Choose EUR (or USD)

🌏 Fulfilling from multiple countries? Set up individual ShipBob dashboards for each country to localize currency and billing.

General availability end of March '23. To get started in early March, get in touch with our team.👇

Local Currency v1

Optimize Your Supply Chain

47% of brands expect their revenue to grow by more than 25% in 2023.

To grow efficiently in 2023, brands should invest now in solutions that provide more control and flexibility over inventory, orders, and warehouse operations.

Whether you're partnering with ShipBob for outsourced, in-house, or hybrid fulfillment, the latest updates to ShipBob’s logistics platform give you more control to optimize your supply chain.

_Winter_optimize supply chain-01

Inventory and Order Management

Product Catalog Early Access

Save time syncing and managing product information.

Releasing for all merchants later this year, our new product catalog will make managing increasingly complex operations across sales channels, SKUs, variants, and bundles much easier and faster.

Starting in February, merchants selling on Shopify can begin testing the new product catalog features, including a new UI for your product list and product pages, new filtering and column management, and automated matching for Shopify synced products.

Limited early access begins Feb '23. If you’re a Shopify-only merchant and want to get started now, inquire about early access to get in touch with our team.👇

Variant Details tab 2

Restock Return to Sender Lot Products

Early Access

Increase returns efficiency for lot products.

Looking to reduce the amount of quarantined or discarded inventory? ShipBob now offers the ability to restock lot products, or products with expiration dates, that are Returned to Sender.

This new product release includes photo attachments on the dashboard of products that were restocked, quarantined, or disposed of.

General availability coming soon. To get started now, request early access below.👇

Warehouse Management

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Merchant Plus

ShipBob’s warehouse management solution for brands.

Get everything you need to fulfill your everything orders from your own warehouse, including:

  • Superior control over in-house operations using ShipBob’s warehouse management software.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use merchant application trusted by 7,000+ DTC and B2B brands.
  • Access to a robust network of carriers, integrations, ecosystem partners, and fulfillment experts.
  • Hybrid fulfillment option lets you fulfill from your own warehouse and leverage ShipBob’s global network of 40+ fulfillment centers

OneID & OneApp

Better WMS deployment and user management.

Gone are the days of submitting a request to add a user to your warehouse management system! Merchant Plus users can now use a unified login and add & remove users on the User Management screen through OneID. 

ShipBob has also launched OneApp, providing Merchant Plus customers greater flexibility for installing warehouse management tooling on their own hardware and electronic devices.

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Connect & Build Anything

Connect and Build-01-1

20% of orders fulfilled by ShipBob in Q4 synced via custom API integrations.

Looking for plug-and-play? Our App Store has 40+ direct integrations with the most popular tools for ecommerce.

Is headless commerce your thing? Join the 1,000+ developers using ShipBob’s Developer API, or leverage our Integrations Solutions team for custom integrations and merchant-specific workflows. 

NetSuite Integration

Sync real-time data between NetSuite and ShipBob.

Using NetSuite as your ERP? ShipBob's new direct, general-purpose integration helps you centralize your business-critical ecommerce data.

Automate data sync between platforms, so you can keep using NetSuite as your source of truth without switching between platforms.

Now available in ShipBob's App Store!

NetSuite Integration Data Sync
Magento Integration with ShipBob

Adobe Commerce / Magento Integration Early Access

Seamlessly connect to ShipBob to fulfill Magento orders.

Selling on Adobe Commerce's Magento 2 platform? Our new direct integration connects Magento 2 and ShipBob in minutes!

General availability coming March '23. To get started now, request early access below.👇

For Developers

Developer API 

Connect & build faster with self-service tooling.

New enhancements to ShipBob’s REST API make it easier than ever for developers to connect your tools to ShipBob.

Save time testing integrations. We’ve added new Simulation APIs to help you simulate shipped and delivered shipments within minutes. 

Save time generating access tokens. We’ve added the ability to generate personal access tokens (PATs) directly from the ShipBob dashboard.

Visit ShipBob’s Developer Documentation to learn more.

PAT Winter Release

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