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More than 70% of brands will add a new sales channel in 2022. 

Nearly 50% of brands already sell retail or wholesale (brick-and-mortar), and 33% of brands sell B2B dropshipping (through retailers' online stores).

ShipBob is helping you stay ahead of the competition, and enable an omnichannel fulfillment solution with:

  • Retail dropshipping (shipping DTC, EDI)
  • Retail distribution (shipping wholesale, EDI)

Meet your customers where and how they shop, and increase your customer base through popular retailer stores and platforms.



Retail dropshipping (orders placed on [Retailer].com)

EDI automated DTC fulfillment for orders placed on retail websites.

ShipBob’s automated retail dropshipping solution supports EDI compliance for fulfilling orders from retailer websites through our EDI partners SPS Commerce and LogicBroker. 

Fulfill online orders for retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Ulta, Tractor Supply and Nordstrom by selling products directly on their online stores and having ShipBob ship those orders to the end customer!

ShipBob has integrated with over 20 new retailers this year - connect with us to see if your preferred retailer is on the list.

Retail distribution (wholesale orders sent to retailers)

EDI automated B2B fulfillment for your large wholesale orders. 

ShipBob’s retail distribution solution automates fulfillment of B2B orders from wholesale and retail partners, and ships your inventory to retailers that either fulfill orders for their end customers or place your inventory in their brick-and-mortar storefront locations.

Through integrations with EDI providers like SPS Commerce and LogicBroker, it's easy to connect with retailers and automate order management and third-party shipping. ShipBob is currently connected to Urban Outfitters, Zulily, Tractor Supply, REI, Office Depot, Thrive Market, and more!

Our team is making new retailer connections every week — reach out to request more information about your preferred retailer’s connection.


ShipBob’s retail dropshipping solution makes it super easy to connect and ship with retailers. The fact that we’ll be able to click a button and start selling on Macy’s will be cool.

- Anouk Rondel, Co-Owner of The Caker

Grow Global

56% of brands plan to either ship to new countries in 2022 or fulfill orders in new countries.

To attract customers from other countries, you must have a transparent customer experience and a global supply chain, which can be hard to conquer on your own.

Here's how we're making that easier for you:

  • First mainland Europe fulfillment center in Western Poland
  • Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) shipping for international orders from the US (to start)
  • International shipping from Canada across the world

Access a growing global network, faster deliveries, simplified cross-border shipping solutions, and powerful analytics to know when, where, and how to grow your business globally.

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Discover how tattoo supply brand Black Claw found an international tech-driven fulfillment partner in ShipBob.

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ShipBob in Mainland Europe

Ship orders to EU shoppers from ShipBob’s new Central European location in Poland.

Retail ecommerce revenue in Europe reached over $621 billion in 2021, or approximately 2/3 of the size of the US. With Europe being a tremendous growth opportunity for brands, having a partner in Europe can simplify cross-border shipping and reduce transit times and costs.

Our first mainland European fulfillment center, located in Poland (Gorzów Wielkopolski), gives ShipBob customers more local, cost-effective shipping options. Our new facility is located on the border near Germany, meaning you can reach the local Polish and German markets in 1 business day, France in 2-3 days, and Spain within 4-5 days.

ShipBob’s fulfillment center in Poland is ready to receive your inventory and start shipping orders to EU destinations today!

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DDP shipping for international orders

Charge the exact duties and taxes at checkout to prevent surprises for US international orders.

Make the cross-border shipping process seamless for your customers. ShipBob's Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) solution automates the calculation of cross-border duties and taxes upfront at checkout. ShipBob then purchases a DDP label, and ensures each shipment is monitored through customs and delivered to your end customer.

To start, ShipBob’s DDP solution is generally available for shipments being fulfilled in the United States for Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce stores.


Ship internationally from Canada

Reach customers around the world from our Canadian fulfillment center.

ShipBob’s Canadian fulfillment center in Ottawa, Ontario now supports shipping to destinations outside of Canada.

Expand your global reach from Canada when you ship to customers in the United States, Australia, the UK, EU, and more.


We are all about the entire customer experience, so international shipping is very important to us. We ship to 55 different countries and all 50 states. When I found out about ShipBob's global capabilities, I knew we had to jump on the opportunity.

- Nikolai Paloni, Co-Founder of Ombraz Sunglasses

Shopper Experience

Delivery is a crucial piece of the shopper experience.

25% of brands always offer site-wide free shipping for domestic orders, and 48.9% of brands require customers to spend above a certain threshold to get free shipping.

We’ve made it easier to compete and meet expectations with new:

  • 2-day badging for Shopify product pages (pre-checkout)
  • CartBob Rules to customize fulfillment and rates at checkout on Shopify

Keep up with rising customer expectations for delivery by investing in their checkout and shipping experience.

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Poland (1080 × 1400 px)

We worked with ShipBob and introduced a Prime-like badge showcasing 2-day shipping on our product pages and immediately saw a 230% increase in customers using 2-day shipping! 


Larissa Jeanniton
Operations at The Wrap Life


2-Day Badging

Display 2-day shipping badges pre-checkout on Shopify stores to acquire more customers.

Build trust and credibility by displaying 2-day shipping badges with estimated delivery dates for eligible purchases on your Shopify store. This is another way to entice visitors to add items to their cart.

Powered by ShipBob’s 2-Day Express shipping and ShipBob’s Shopify app, CartBob, these badges appear when the ship option is eligible (based on US location, time of day, and business day) to increase conversions by highlighting delivery speed before shoppers add products to their cart.

2-day badging is available for US Shopify stores, and can be enabled from your ShipBob dashboard. 

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CartBob Rules

Customize fulfillment and real-time rates at checkout for shoppers on your Shopify store.

With CartBob Rules, you’re in control of how rates appear for shoppers at checkout. You can specify how real-time rates appear based on specific conditions that, when validated, result in customizable actions.

For example: want to increase AOV? Use CartBob Rules to override real-time rates and automate offering free shipping to shoppers when they spend above a certain cart value.

This feature is now available for Shopify stores that leverage ShipBob’s Shopify app, CartBob app.