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See how the latest releases can help you meet customer expectations & scale your business.

Welcome to ShipBob's inaugural Summer '21 Release hub, where you can learn how our latest innovations help you create delightful customer experiences that scale your business across new locales and channels.

Check out the videos below from ShipBob's Product Team, and read more about the latest features.

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Fast Shipping

Meet consumer expectations with fast shipping 

We're excited to share the latest ways ShipBob is helping ecommerce brands offer fast, reliable, and affordable shipping experiences to delight customers.

From fast shipping options across the globe to strategic recommendations to optimize inventory placement to reduce shipping costs, these features are engineered to help you grow!


2-Day Express

Bring 2-day shipping to your customers across the United States.

Your customers demand 2-day shipping. You can now deliver a fast shipping promise, while still owning your brand, your data, and your entire customer experience.

With ShipBob, you have the ability to achieve 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental United States, even from just one fulfillment center.

ShipBob 2-Day Express is offered at all US fulfillment center locations. Learn more.

Ideal Distribution Analytics

Identify how to reduce shipping costs and transit times.

Discover insights and recommendations on where to store inventory based on your historical orders shipped with ShipBob. Using ShipBob’s technology developed by Data Scientists, you can visualize how to optimize your inventory placement across the ShipBob network.

Toggle between 1-4 US regions at a time to see changes in your average fulfillment cost per order, average zone, and average time in transit.

Now available in the ShipBob dashboard! Learn more.

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Regional Carriers in the US

Automatically leverage our diversified carrier portfolio that further reduces transit times and offsets congestion with larger carriers.

We've added four new regional carriers within the US to certain fulfillment centers this year! LSO, OnTrac, CDL, and UDS each have more than 20 years of experience and specialize in both B2C and B2B parcel deliveries.  

We automatically leverage these regional carriers out of select US locations to help deliver your orders to end customers quickly, reliably, and affordably. Learn more.

Global Expedited Shipping

Offer expedited delivery from ShipBob’s fulfillment centers across the globe.

When you ship orders from our non-US locations, you can now provide expedited shipping for your customers (in addition to standard ground shipping).

This includes our fulfillment centers in Canada (1-3 business days within Canada), Ireland (1-3 business days to anywhere in the EU), and England (1-2 business days within the UK). Australia will support expedited shipping starting in October 2021! 

Customization Suite

Delight shoppers with unique touchpoints and memorable unboxing experiences 

Customization showcases your brand, wows your customers, and delivers delightful brand experiences. 

ShipBob's Customization suite is full of new and existing customization capabilities to help you prepare for the upcoming peak season, and boost conversion, repeat purchase, and brand loyalty year-round. 

Gift Note Ex

Custom Gift Notes

Offer branded, personal gift notes to your shoppers.

We're excited to announce the ability to print and include custom gift notes in orders!

Gift notes will print in black and white on ShipBob's 4"x6" thermal paper and can display up to 500 text and special characters for your customer. We'll also display your brand logo on the gift note if desired. 

The new feature is now available by request for Shopify and WooCommerce stores, ShipStation, and using our developer API. Learn More.

To get started, request more information.


Custom Sender Labels

  • Drive brand recognition from the moment your order reaches your customer’s door by adding your brand’s name (instead of ShipBob) on the top left of the shipping label that’s on the outside of the box.
  • This feature is available for all merchants, all orders, and all global fulfillment center locations. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.


  • Submit kitting requests directly from your ShipBob dashboard with a new self-serve, easy-to-use, transparent request flow and price estimator. 
  • Choose from our supported kitting actions (you can also provide additional notes per action) to generate a pricing estimate. Our team will review and approve, or reach out if there are any questions. You can also copy and edit completed kitting requests to save time!
  • This value-added service is available for all merchants and in all of our global fulfillment center locations. Learn more.

Custom Packaging

  • Make every purchase memorable with custom boxes. When you send us your custom branded packaging to be stored as a SKU, the ShipBob box algorithm selects the optimal custom packaging for each order.
  • Available today for all merchants and global fulfillment center locations. Learn more.

Custom Poly + Bubble Mailers

  • We now support custom poly and bubble mailers as a packaging type for the ShipBob box algorithm!
  • This feature is available by request for all merchants and in all of our global fulfillment center locations. To get started, request more information.

App Store

Enjoy seamless connectivity with your tools and channels

We want to provide you with seamless connectivity, help you activate consistent and elevated customer experiences across multiple sales channels, and enable you to use more of the tools you love in a way that feeds into your fulfillment dashboard.

We’re always building out new integrations based on customer feedback. Read on for our most requested apps of the Summer.

Walmart TwoDay

Reach 100M+ shoppers and unlock 2-day shipping and badging for your Walmart orders.

Gain Walmart 2-Day Shipping badges that can be seen by the 120 million unique monthly visitors to Walmart’s online properties.

With ShipBob, you have the ability to achieve 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental United States, even from one fulfillment center.

As a preferred Walmart TwoDay partner, ShipBob can help fast-track the approval process for you to sell on Walmart Marketplace and join their TwoDay program. Learn more.

Copy of BAKblade 2-day Walmart Badging (4)


Connect, manage, and automate commerce operations through this direct integration.


Through a new direct integration with Linnworks, you can get a single source of truth for inventory counts, orders, and shipment tracking. Learn more.


Enable flawless customer support for your online store with this new integration.


We’ve launched a direct integration with eCommerce helpdesk leader, Gorgias, to provide best-in-class customer support for your online store. The integration provides you with easy access to all ShipBob order data within the Gorgias platform. Learn more.



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Shopify Updates

Minimize overselling with our latest Shopify integration enhancements.


Our new Inventory Quantity Sync feature compares inventory counts in ShipBob and Shopify every 15 minutes and uses smart logic to only update the quantity in Shopify if ShipBob shows lower stock levels, or if ShipBob has a stock increase due to restocking, warehouse receiving orders, etc.


Our new Inventory Threshold feature creates a safety buffer that helps you minimize overselling, keeping a set amount of inventory on hand. Once you specify the safety buffer quantity, ShipBob will post 0 units available to Shopify when your inventory counts fall below the level you set.


Both of these features can be enabled in your dashboard today on your Account Settings page under Store Management settings.

Learn more.


Offset shipping emissions with forest carbon credits.


Our direct integration with Pachama, a mission-driven technology platform, helps you easily offset your emissions from shipping orders.


The integration automatically pulls your shipping information from ShipBob to calculate associated emissions, so you can offset with carbon credits and fund high-impact forest conservation and restoration projects worldwide. Learn more.

Grow Global

Scale your brand across the globe with ShipBob's physical presence in 3 continents

ShipBob is committed to helping small and medium sized ecommerce brands grow their brands globally.

All of our global fulfillment centers run on ShipBob’s warehouse management system, SLAs, and support team to provide the same level of world-class fulfillment and transparency through our dashboard.

Check out the latest investments in our global network of fulfillment centers and innovations in our in-app capabilities to help you expand your business and reach more customers.


In 2019, Australia was cited as the 10th largest B2C ecommerce market in the world, worth $33.1 billion AUD. With Australia's ecommerce market growing rapidly, there are many opportunities to grow your business globally.

ShipBob Australia, located in Melbourne, is now live and shipping orders within Australia. We've partnered with Australia Post for standard shipping to start, and will support expedited shipping, returns, and shipments from Australia to additional nearby destinations like New Zealand very soon!

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🇬🇧United Kingdom

Ship orders within the United Kingdom, and now to the EU, from ShipBob's new UK fulfillment center in Manchester, England.

Located near major ports, it leverages DPD and Royal Mail for standard and expedited shipping, and can process your returns.


Ship orders from ShipBob's fulfillment center in Kilkenny, Ireland to your shoppers in the EU. ShipBob partners with DHL and UPS for standard and expedited shipping, and can process returns at our Ireland location.

We’ll be launching a second Europe location in Central (mainland) Europe later this Fall! Both locations can be used for EU-to-EU shipments.


Ship orders from ShipBob’s Ottawa, Canada fulfillment center to destinations within Canada.

We partner with Canada Post and FedEx to offer both standard and expedited shipping options, and we support returns.

FedEx Crossborder

We've added FedEx CrossBorder to our list of carrier services to improve our international delivery from ShipBob's 17+ US-based fulfillment centers.

When optimal, FedEx Crossborder will automatically be leveraged for standard orders from the United States to supported international destinations.

Destination-Based Fulfillment Rules

Apply rules to only fulfill orders from specific fulfillment centers based on the destination country.

Only want our Canada fulfillment center to fulfill orders with shipping destinations in Canada? Want to make sure non-US orders don't get fulfilled from the US (i.e.., if you don’t want us to ship from the US to Canada if you run out of stock in Canada)? We’re making it easy and flexible for you to update which ShipBob fulfillment centers ship which orders across our global fulfillment network using our destination-based rules.

The new rules are available from the Locations page in the dashboard today for all merchants. Learn more.