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What's new for Summer '22?

  • Welcome to ShipBob's fifth seasonal release product update! For Summer '22, we're highlighting the latest product releases to help you scale your business.
  • Watch the video from ShipBob CEO, Dhruv Saxena, and check out all of the new innovations from the ShipBob team below.


Delight Shoppers

Where do you get a 100% open rate? During your unboxing experience!

With today’s rising customer acquisition costs, increased competition, and the holidays almost here, now is the time to invest in delighting your customers when they receive your products.

Discover the latest ways ShipBob’s Customization Suite and new shopper experienced-focused features can help you convert shoppers into loyal customers.

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Custom Gift Notes

Imagine opening a gift shipped to you to find a sweet note from your best friend who just bought you something.

ShipBob gives you the ability to print and include custom gift notes in orders! You can also display your brand logo on the gift notes. 

Let your customers add their own personal notes when checking out on your site with automatic gift notes.


Branded Boxes

  • Seeing your product for the first time can leave a serious impression. Make it even better with custom boxes


    The ShipBob box algorithm will select the optimal custom packaging choice for each order. This feature is available today for all customers and in all of our global fulfillment centers.


Branded Mailers

  • It’s not just custom boxes, we also support custom poly and bubble mailers as a packaging type for the ShipBob box algorithm!

    This feature is available for all merchants and in all of our global fulfillment center locations. 



  • Within your ShipBob dashboard, get instant kitting quotes from our price estimator.

    From building custom boxes, to adding stickers, to inserting custom dunnage and more, let's customize your orders the way your customers want! Kitting is available for all customers and in all of our global fulfillment centers.


Custom Sender Labels

  • Showcase your brand from the moment your order reaches your customer’s door by adding your brand’s name on every shipping label.


    This free feature is available for all ShipBob customers and in all global fulfillment centers.

Kit at Pack (US Pilot)

Create an unforgettable custom unboxing for each of your customers with ShipBob’s new Kit at Pack pilot program.

This allows you to customize the specific placement of items within a box, or use of custom stickering or dunnage — all done per customer at the pack station for each order as they roll in, instead of or in addition to to kitting your inventory in batches before orders have been placed. 

Interested in kitting but have a variety of order combinations? Request access to our pilot.

MD Acne Kit at pack
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2-Day Delivery Badges for Shopify

If you offer 2-day shipping, build trust and increase your conversion rates by displaying 2-day shipping badges, along with estimated delivery dates. 

ShipBob now supports 2-Day badges for Shopify, Walmart, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Real-Time Tracking 

Your customers want instant updates on their orders, and now you can share order tracking with customers faster. 

In addition to Shopify, we now have real-time tracking for Squarespace, Ebay, ShipStation, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and BackerKit integrations. Order tracking now automatically syncs between ShipBob and store integrations within minutes.

real-time order tracking

Sell Everywhere

Customers expect to buy from you anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re launching a new product on your website or across hundreds of Target stores, ShipBob’s platform can fulfill your everything orders.

Learn about the latest marketplaces, retailer connections, and features we’ve built to help you scale your business globally across more sales and distribution channels.

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B2B Suite

We now support over 70 top retailers through EDI-automated online and/or in-store B2B order fulfillment. The most recent retail dropshipping and distribution additions include Sam’s Club, Petsmart, Lowe’s, and Zappos.

Leverage our expansive B2B fulfillment network across the United States using our EDI integrations with SPS Commerce, LogicBroker, and Cymbio to scale B2B fulfillment ahead of peak season.

Amazon FBM around the world

Not only can you fulfill FBM orders for Amazon's marketplaces in the US, Canada, and Mexico, but ShipBob now fulfills orders for Amazon’s marketplaces in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland.

ShipBob’s integration with Amazon connects to all your unique Amazon storefronts to support Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) to sync products, orders (auto, bulk, or manual), inventory, and real-time tracking between platforms.

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FBA Prep Automation (US Pilot)

Need help sending sales-ready inventory to Amazon? ShipBob’s new integration with Amazon automates the FBA prep process from order creation to fulfillment. by syncing order and shipping label information between platforms.

Early adopters will be able to submit FBA prep orders directly from ShipBob’s dashboard, choose between a ShipBob or Amazon prepaid label, and ShipBob handles the rest.

Apply for our pilot now - general availability will be open in Fall.

Inventory Sync by Retailer

Selling through multiple retailer dropshipping programs? Make stockouts and overselling merchandise a thing of the past for EDI-automated dropshipping.

With this new feature, you can sync inventory details across multiple retailer dropship programs, gaining 100% inventory accuracy of real-time stock levels, preventing headaches and damaged relationships between buyers and sellers, and boosting confidence levels among retailers and end consumers.

Shopify Multi-Store Management

As your business becomes more complex, simplify your ShipBob and Shopify account management with new self-serve setup and integration settings.

By consolidating all of your Shopify settings into one place in ShipBob, you can now manage multiple stores easily with upgraded access and control over business-critical integration settings.

Grow Global


Scale your brand across the globe with ShipBob's fulfillment centers in North America, Europe, and Australia.

In today’s global economy, ShipBob is committed to helping brands efficiently scale, regardless of size. With 30+ fulfillment centers across the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe, leverage scalable capacity through one centralized solution.

International Shipping From Any Fulfillment Center

ShipBob supports worldwide standard and expedited shipping from any of our fulfillment centers! Tap into endless growth opportunities by reaching customers in 200+ destinations from our US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia fulfillment centers. 

Shipping from multiple fulfillment centers? We'll always ship from the most optimal location to the destination country.


🇬🇧ShipBob UK

ShipBob UK’s newest Birmingham location, with our existing Manchester fulfillment center, allows you to reach your local customers in 3 days or less.

Both UK fulfillment centers are strategically located to help provide a better shopper experience and drive growth in the United Kingdom and beyond.

🇪🇺 ShipBob EU

ShipBob has two EU locations in Western Poland and now Dublin, Ireland.

With even more fulfillment centers coming soon in the European Union, reach out to us to see which locations are best for you!

🇨🇦 ShipBob Canada

ShipBob’s locations in Toronto and Ottawa allow you to ship to 70% of Canada’s population in 3 days or less.

You can provide fast, affordable shipping to your customers by storing inventory in our two Canadian fulfillment centers.

🇦🇺 ShipBob Australia

ShipBob’s Australia fulfillment center is located along the Southeast coast in Melbourne, enabling fast shipping across the Eastern coast of the country, which makes up about 80% of the population.

Easily reduce shipping costs and transit times across Australia by partnering with ShipBob.


Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping from the US, UK, and Ireland

Ensure a seamless cross-border experience to convert more international shoppers into loyal customers.

ShipBob’s Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) program allows your customers to prepay duties and taxes so that their orders do not get held up at customs or hit with extra charges post-purchase. DDP is available in ShipBob Ireland, United Kingdom, and all US fulfillment centers.

🇺🇸 ShipBob USA

We’ve added three new US locations in Reno, NV, Las Vegas, NV, and Carrollton, TX near Dallas. With these additions, ShipBob now has 25+ US fulfillment centers.

Distribute your inventory across more of our fulfillment centers, and take advantage of faster shipping times to the West Coast and Southeast regions.

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Optimize Your Supply Chain


Today’s global supply chain continues to evolve.

With our powerful fulfillment network and technology, we empower you to scale effortlessly and cost-effectively with the right logistics tools, support, and strategic guidance.

Learn how ShipBob helps you streamline inventory management, from supplier to shopper, with our latest releases. 

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Automated Inventory Placement (Pilot)

Let ShipBob optimize your inventory placement around our US fulfillment network to achieve faster and more cost-effective shipping.

With the inventory placement program, you can send your inventory to just one ShipBob fulfillment center, then we’ll manage the distribution of your goods based on the optimal locations based on your customer mix and order history.

Get Inventory from China to the US With FreightBob

FreightBob is an end-to-end managed freight program that includes ocean freight, cross-docking, automated inventory distribution, and goods transfers across ShipBob’s US fulfillment network.

With port-to-door sailing time of under 20 days, affordable rates, guaranteed container space, and bi-weekly, predetermined sailing schedules from China to the East and West Coasts of the US.

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Save Time Sending Inventory

ShipBob will soon be releasing a new bulk upload feature for warehouse receiving orders (WROs) where you can add up to 100 SKUs at a time — saving you time, reducing the probability of errors, and improving WRO processing time. 

For merchants with lot products or dangerous goods, we've added the ability to edit both these product attributes when submitting WROs.

Connect & Build Anything


Perfect your fulfillment tech stack.

ShipBob’s App store has 40+ apps to help you create the ideal tech stack to scale your business, with recent additions like Klaviyo and

Looking to build a custom integration? Join the 1,000+ ShipBob merchants using ShipBob’s Developer API for custom integrations and merchant-specific workflows.

Enable accurate and real-time communication between Fulfil and ShipBob to manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment at scale. 

Utilize Fulfil’s inventory and order management capabilities to take advantage of order routing across ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers, and automatically manage shipping confirmations, tracking numbers, and inventory transactions or adjustments. Integrations Page - Intro Image (Tall Version)
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Provide a more transparent shipping experience earlier during the fulfillment process to reduce confusion and build trust. 

With ShipBob’s direct integration with Klaviyo, you can share key order notifications via email and SMS by syncing shipment status from all order milestones — limited stock notifications, pre-shipment alerts, tracking updates, and more.

Developer API

Open up a world of possibilities with customizable and easy-to-use developer tools.

ShipBob’s REST API can be used to interface with your stores, marketplaces, custom websites, ERPs, and more. Visit ShipBob’s Developer Portal to learn more.

Need white-glove support? We also have a Solutions team to support custom integrations.

API Reference _ ShipBob Developer Api

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