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See how new products can help you meet customer expectations & scale your business in time for peak season.

It's no secret the global supply chain has been hurting (scarcity of raw materials, increase in product demand, COVID-driven factory shutdowns, port congestion, rising container shipping costs, and early signs of carrier capacity challenges), so it's never been more important to meet people where they are so they can get your products this holiday season.

From supporting new sales channels, to reducing the barriers to purchase and delivery, ShipBob's got you covered to deliver on your holiday promises.

Hear from fellow ecommerce brand operators and ShipBob customers, including BAKblade, The Caker, and Black Claw, on how they’ve leveraged our latest features.


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Drive more order volume through B2B Commerce

DTC brands are embracing multichannel commerce to expand their total addressable market and reach more shoppers.

Even in normal times, it’s recommended that you look beyond a single webstore. Approximately 73% of shoppers visit online and offline stores, and the average consumer uses two or more touch points when evaluating and buying a product. 

Adopting a multichannel approach can also boost your DTC sales. A study by Zentail revealed that marketplace participation led to webstore growth for 92% of surveyed sellers, who saw anywhere between 2x-4x more webstore sales as a result of being discovered on marketplaces.

B2B commerce specifically, including selling on retailer marketplaces, retail dropshipping and retail distribution, is experiencing huge growth. In 2021, the business-to-business ecommerce market size was valued at $6.64 trillion and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 18.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Business to business fulfillment is complicated, but it doesn’t need to be when you work with ShipBob for your multichannel needs.



Learn more on how The Caker fulfills DTC & retail (Wholesale & Online) orders with ShipBob.

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Retail Dropshipping

(Orders Placed on

Retailer sells. ShipBob ships.

ShipBob’s brand new automated retail dropshipping solution supports order fulfillment from retailer websites on behalf of our merchants.

Fulfill online orders for retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Nordstroms through ShipBob’s retail dropshipping program. You’ll be able to sell products directly on their online stores and have ShipBob ship those orders to the end customer!

Embrace retail dropshipping as a growth tool and reach more shoppers. To get started, request more information.

Retail Distribution

Retail Distribution (Wholesale Orders Sent to Retailers)

EDI automated B2B fulfillment for your large wholesale orders.

ShipBob’s new retail distribution solution automates fulfillment of B2B orders from retail partners, and ships your inventory to retailers who either then fulfill orders for their end customers or place your inventory at brick-and-mortar storefront locations.

New to our B2B capabilities are direct integrations with SPS and other EDI providers to connect with retailers and automate order management and third-party shipping.

Retail distribution is available by request today, with general availability starting January 2022. To get started,
request more information.


Walmart Marketplace

Reach 100M+ shoppers on

Partner with ShipBob and the world’s largest multichannel retailer to grow your business! Walmart Marketplace offers massive scale to reach more potential customers. In fact, Walmart’s US ecommerce sales continue to outperform the market with 40% YoY revenue growth.

Not only does ShipBob’s direct integration with Walmart support order fulfillment for orders placed on Walmart Marketplace, we also fulfill orders for merchants participating in Walmart’s free TwoDay delivery program that includes 2-day badging.

As a preferred Walmart partner, ShipBob can help fast-track the approval process for you to sell on Walmart Marketplace and participate in Walmart’s free 2-day delivery program! To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.


Meet consumer expectations with fast shipping

Today’s shoppers not only prefer, but expect fast shipping: 67% of shoppers expect 2-day delivery and 85% of shoppers are more likely to buy when 2-day delivery is offered. If you’re not offering 2-day or expedited shipping today, now is the time!

As we approach this holiday season, offering fast shipping options to shoppers can make or break major gift-giving events and family celebrations. Last peak season, we saw average ground delivery times increase by over 2.6X in December and we can expect similar challenges, given today’s global supply chain issues.

Mitigate delays from ground delivery reliance (and unhappy customers!) by offering fast, reliable, and affordable shipping experiences to delight customers during this holiday season.

BAKblade | Fast Shipping

Learn more on how BAKblade grew 291% in under 3 years by partnering with ShipBob for fulfillment.

2-Day Express

Bring 2-day shipping to customers across
the United States.

Your customers demand 2-day shipping, especially during the holiday season (when carriers will be overloaded).

You can now deliver a fast shipping promise, while still owning your brand, your data, and your entire customer experience. With ShipBob, you have the ability to achieve 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental United States, even from just one fulfillment center.

ShipBob 2-Day Express is available on all ecommerce platforms supported by ShipBob and offered at all US fulfillment center locations. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

Global Expedited Shipping

Offer expedited delivery from ShipBob's fulfillment centers across the globe.

When you ship orders from our non-US locations, you can provide expedited shipping for your customers (in addition to standard shipping).

This includes our fulfillment centers in Canada (1-3 business days within Canada), Ireland (1-3 business days to anywhere in the EU), England (1-2 business days within the UK), and Australia (1-3 business days within Australia) starting November 2021. Poland (coming soon) will also support expedited shipping in 2022!

To get started, follow the instructions here.

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2-Day Badging on Shopify

(Early Adopter Program)

Display 2-day shipping badges pre-checkout.

Build shopper trust by displaying 2-day shipping badges with estimated delivery date for eligible purchases.

Powered by ShipBob’s 2-Day Express shipping and CartBob, these badges appear when the ship option is eligible (based on US location, time of day, and business day) and can help increase conversions by highlighting delivery speed before shoppers add products to their cart.

This feature will be available for early adopters starting November 2021, and generally available by January 2022 for US Shopify stores. To inquire about early adopter program participation, request more information.

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Delight shoppers with unique touchpoints and memorable unboxing experiences

A custom branded experience can influence purchasing decisions, generate social buzz and recommendations, and can boost customer loyalty and retention. During the holiday season, this is more important than ever:

 40% of shoppers share images of brand packaging on social media if unique or branded.

50% of shoppers will recommend products that arrive in branded packaging.

 55% of shoppers will return to the brand's website if their purchase arrives in branded packaging.

The holiday season is a special time of year, and creating an unforgettable unboxing experience during peak season will help your brand stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression.

2-day (12)

Learn more on how Juspy founder got 50% of her time back by handing off fulfillment to a global partner.

2-day (36)

Custom Gift Notes

Offer branded, personal gift notes to your shoppers.

From the bride thanking their maid of honor. From the mom who misses her daughter. From the person who hasn't seen their best friend since before the pandemic. Let your customers add heartfelt notes to their recipients.

Gift notes are now available in the ShipBob dashboard to enable. Gift notes print in black and white on ShipBob's 4"x6" thermal paper and can display up to 500 characters for your customer. We'll also display your brand logo on the gift note if desired.

Automatic gift note ingestion is available for Shopify and WooCommerce stores, ShipStation, and using our Developer API. If you’re using other ecommerce platforms, you can add gift notes manually by uploading orders via Excel and editing orders before they are picked and packed. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

Custom Packaging

Make a purchase memorable with custom packaging.

ShipBob makes it easy for you to incorporate custom packaging. ShipBob’s proprietary box algorithm uses product dimensions and your selected packaging preference to find the right custom package size to use for any order combo and keep costs consistent.

ShipBob supports both custom boxes and custom mailer packaging types. Custom packaging materials should be sent to all fulfillment centers you use and stocked as a SKU (part of your inventory).

To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.



Customize how your inventory is prepared for customers with this value-added service.

Submit kitting requests directly from your ShipBob dashboard with our self-serve, easy-to-use, and transparent request flow and price estimator.

Choose from our supported kitting actions (you can also provide additional notes per action) to generate a pricing estimate. You can also copy and edit completed kitting requests to save time!

This value-added service is available for all merchants and in all global fulfillment center locations. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

Custom Sender Labels

Drive brand recognition at order delivery with shipping labels "from" your brand's name.

Create a best-in-class delivery experience from the moment your order reaches your customer’s door by adding your brand’s name (instead of ShipBob) on the top left of the shipping label that’s on the outside of the box.

This feature is available at no cost for all merchants, orders, and global fulfillment center locations.

To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

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Scale your brand across the globe with ShipBob's physical presence in 3 continents and cross-border solutions.

In today’s convenience economy, ShipBob is committed to helping small and medium sized ecommerce brands grow their brands globally. ShipBob is located in the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the EU.

All fulfillment centers run on ShipBob’s warehouse management system, SLAs, and support team to provide the same level of world-class fulfillment and transparency through our dashboard.

Thinking about expanding in 2022? Start the conversation now. 



Ship orders to EU shoppers from ShipBob’s new Central European location in 2022.

In 2020, retail ecommerce revenue in the European Union reached over $500 billion USD and is projected to reach $569 billion USD by 2025. Germany and France in particular are large, fast-growing segments, ranking among the top 10 largest ecommerce markets in the world. Reaching shoppers in mainland European countries with fast, cost-effective delivery options is about to be easier than ever.

ShipBob Poland, located in Western Gorzów Wielkopolski, is our first mainland European hub and will start shipping orders to EU destinations in January 2022. To inquire about early access, request more information.


Ship from Australia to New Zealand and other nearby countries.

ShipBob Australia, located in Melbourne, opened in June 2021. We've partnered with Australia Post and Aramex for standard shipping within Australia, and Australia Post for returns support.

We've added expedited shipping and starting mid-November 2021, we are extending support for additional order destinations like New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and more. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

2-day (16)

Discover how tattoo supply brand Black Claw found an international tech-driven fulfillment partner in ShipBob.

DDP Shipping 

Calculate and charge the appropriate duties and taxes at checkout to prevent surprises for international orders (from the US).

ShipBob’s new DDP solution automates the calculation of cross-border duties and taxes for shipping international orders from the US upfront. Unlike Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU), DDP prevents long delivery times and surprise fees for consumers, providing a more frictionless and loyalty-building international shipping experience.

ShipBob leverages FlavorCloud’s technology to calculate and charge duties and taxes at checkout, then ShipBob purchases a DDP label from FlavorCloud, and FlavorCloud monitors each shipment through customs and ensures deliverability.

ShipBob’s new DDP solution is generally available for shipments originating from the United States. Supported platforms include Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

To get started, request more information.



Fast receiving supports fast shipping to your customers

Fast shipping is supported by a fast receiving process that begins the moment you fill out a Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO). ShipBob is committed to a fast, accurate, and streamlined receiving process.

From improving our receiving SLA to WRO editability, ShipBob is working diligently to ensure that the receiving process is fast, accurate, and streamlined during peak. With an influx of orders coming soon, we have also worked directly with our carriers to set holiday cutoffs and turnaround times. Please note the 2021 Holiday cutoff and turnaround times to the right.

2021 Holiday cutoff and turnaround times:

December 7: Last day your inventory can arrive at our fulfillment centers to ensure delivery to customers by Christmas via Standard Ground processing.

 November 15: Last day to schedule an internal inventory transfer order

 November 19: Last day to submit a new kitting request and schedule a donation order

 November 26-30: SLA extensions in place for the BFCM weekend

 December 8: Last day to schedule a B2B order

 Starting October 1: Our chat and email support hours will expand to 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, 7 days a week

3 Business Day SLA

ShipBob averages <1 business day turnaround since September 2021.

ShipBob recently moved from a 5 business day receiving SLA to a 3 business day receiving SLA! For a transparent look into ShipBob’s data, visit for weekly insights into our average receiving times, as well as 2-day shipping and zone performance.

Learn more here or request more information.

Buy ShipBob labels for WROs

Save time and maximize visibility by purchasing Shipbob labels for WROs.

Easily purchase discounted ShipBob labels directly in the dashboard when you send inventory via parcel shipments from US destinations to ShipBob’s US warehouse locations. You can view estimated shipping costs prior to label purchasing for USPS, UPS, and FedEx, and save time while also maximizing visibility by automatically applying tracking numbers to associated boxes within the WRO. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

WRO Edits

Update WROs with accurate, critical information after submission to ensure fast receiving.

Quickly update select fields for WROs after submission to correct or add information in the ShipBob dashboard. This new feature allows you to save time by editing WROs instead of canceling and recreating them from scratch. In addition, you have the flexibility to add information that’s originally not available at the time of WRO submission (e.g., lot information). To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.


Minimize overselling and gain a deeper understanding of your inventory and orders during peak season

With 40% of order volume occurring during peak season (November - December) on average, it’s more important than ever to have a deep understanding of your inventory and orders.

ShipBob’s inventory and order management features provide you more control and complete visibility and trust that ShipBob is handling your fulfillment how you want.


ShipBob Rules

Automate rules for certain types of orders to save time.

Rules are recurring, automated procedures that can help you ensure a smooth fulfillment process. Examples of rules include requiring a signature, enforcing strict FIFO inventory management with partial commitment, splitting every order to have one item per shipment, and much more. Here are ShipBob rules defined:

 Destination-based fulfillment rules: Specify which fulfillment center(s) can fulfill orders going to a specific country.

Automation rules: Specify an action taken based on specified conditions.

 Inventory allocation rules: Specify how ShipBob reserves your inventory for orders.

Order autosplit rules: Specify when ShipBob should automatically split orders before fulfilling.

To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

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image (1)

Bulk Order Edits

Update orders in bulk to include marketing inserts or remove out-of-stock items.

Want to include a seasonal marketing insert or free gift for your VIP shoppers? Need to remove an out-of-stock item from multiple orders? Bulk order edits will help you save precious time during the holiday season!

Now, you can add in bulk by editing multiple orders in less than a few minutes directly from the dashboard — no need to submit a support ticket.

To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

Shopify Inventory & Order Management

Shopify Inventory Sync

Use smart logic to send inventory levels back to your Shopify store.

Sync inventory quantities between Shopify and ShipBob in order to manage inventory counts easily and accurately between the two platforms, and minimize overselling during the holiday season. ShipBob compares inventory counts (including product bundles) between Shopify every 15 to 30 minutes. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.

Shopify Inventory Threshold

Create a safety buffer to reserve inventory and minimize overselling.

Shopify inventory threshold helps you avoid overselling and gives you the flexibility to keep a set amount of inventory on hand at ShipBob. You have the control to specify a safety buffer when syncing inventory quantities with Shopify. If your inventory level for any product falls below the value you set, we will post 0 as the sellable quality for that item to Shopify. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information

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Shopify Real-Time Order Sync

Faster information flow for your Shopify orders.

Faster order import means faster fulfillment for shoppers and improved inventory count accuracy for merchants. In the past, ShipBob synced Shopify orders every 30 to 120 minutes depending on order volume. With this update to ShipBob’s Shopify integration, orders from Shopify will now sync in real-time to your ShipBob dashboard.

All merchants leveraging ShipBob’s Shopify integration will be automatically updated by end of December 2021. Learn more.

Don’t want your orders to sync automatically in real-time?
To opt out of real-time order sync, use ShipBob’s Shopify order import delay feature.



Enjoy seamless connectivity with your tools and channels

We want to provide you with seamless connectivity, help you activate consistent and elevated customer experiences across multiple sales channels, and enable you to use more of the tools you love in a way that feeds into your fulfillment dashboard.

We’re always building out new integrations based on customer feedback. With over 36 direct integrations across 8 categories, you can create the perfect tech stack for the holiday season (hello, Gorgias!) that will help grow your business smarter, faster, and stronger than ever before.



Improve conversion and reduce cart abandonment through ShipBob's checkout app for Shopify.

Optimize your checkout for shopper experience using CartBob, ShipBob’s proprietary Shopify app. Through CartBob, you can charge your customer the exact shipping cost with accurate rates displaying in real time as the shipping destination is entered.

CartBob will also support ShipBob’s new 2-day badging when the new feature is generally available in January 2022.

CartBob is available for Shopify stores globally (Advanced Plan or Plus plans with annual payment plans) and can be found on the ShipBob App Store. To get started, follow the instructions here or request more information.


Connect, manage, and automate commerce operations through this direct integration.

Grow your business with global multichannel capabilities, easily automate tasks with connected operations, and intelligently control commerce with centralized management and data in a single platform.

ShipBob’s direct integration provides you with a single source of truth for inventory counts, orders, and tracking.  Linnworks is available for all ShipBob merchants the ShipBob App Store

To get started, request more information.