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🌱 Introducing ShipBob's Spring '23 Product Release

Our newest features and product enhancements are all about helping you simplify the complexities of logistics and fulfillment, so you can run a long-lasting, profitable, and growing business.

▶️ For an overview of all the innovations, watch our launch announcement from ShipBob CMO, Casey Armstrong.

🎟️ For a live deep dive with Q&A, join ShipBob CEO, Dhruv Saxena, on May 23rd for our Spring '23 Product Release webinar.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Whether you're partnering with ShipBob for outsourced fulfillment, or powering your warehouse with ShipBob WMS (or both), the latest updates to ShipBob’s logistics platform make it easier to streamline fulfillment. 

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Receiving Hubs

Hub-Centered Distribution Network 

Streamline inbound receiving and distribution.

New dedicated receiving hubs are transforming our fulfillment network in the US to improve reliability and accuracy while giving you complete visibility and inventory tracking at every step.

Send inventory to select ShipBob hub locations that specialize in receiving your inbound inventory accurately and quickly. Then, goods are transferred to your (final) regional fulfillment center location, where they are stowed and ready to ship to your customers.

ShipBob’s US-based SoCal and Midwest hubs are live, with Northeast and Texas hubs launching over the spring and summer months.

Learn more.

Inventory Placement Early Access

Send your inventory to one location and let us do the rest.

Inventory Placement helps you distribute your inventory across the US, so your team doesn’t have to manage multi-location inbound shipments or identify the most optimal fulfillment center locations. New for Spring, we’ve released dashboard enhancements to:

  • Generate ideal distribution in seconds based on historical trends and current on-hand inventory levels. 
  • View exactly how WROs are being distributed directly from your merchant dashboard with granular quantity and timeline statuses updated in real-time.
  • Leverage new built-in flexibility to turn off auto distribution when you need to send your inventory to a single region.

Inventory Placement is available by request in the US for high-volume brands. 

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Restock Return to Sender Lot Products

Increase returns efficiency for lot products.

Say goodbye to quarantined or discarded inventory from returned lot items! ShipBob now offers the ability to restock lot products (or products with expiration dates) that are Returned to Sender (RTS). 

This new release includes new options on how to manage your lot products, along with photo attachments of products that were restocked, quarantined, or disposed of.

Learn more.

Assign Orders to the Highest Priority FC

Optimize for the lowest fulfillment cost, every time.

Your supply chain? Your rules. Now, you can assign orders to the highest-priority fulfillment center, even when inventory isn’t immediately available.

Orders can be automatically allocated to the closest facility to the shopper, irrespective of inventory levels to ensure the lowest cost and quickest time in transit once inventory is replenished. Reach out to our team to enable this new order allocation rule!

Learn more.

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Product Catalog Early Access

Save time syncing and managing product information.

Releasing for all merchants later this year, our new product catalog will make it much easier and faster to manage operations across sales channels, SKUs, variants, and bundles.

Merchants selling on Amazon and Shopify can begin testing ShipBob’s new product catalog features, including:

  • A new UI for your product list and product pages
  • New filtering and column management
  • Automated matching for Amazon and Shopify-synced products

If you’re an Amazon or Shopify merchant and want to get started now, request early access!

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Connect & Build Anything

Whether you’re looking for plug-and-play integrations, or need an open API to connect your headless commerce stack, ShipBob’s newest additions to our App Store and API have you covered.

NetSuite Integration

Centralize your business-critical ecommerce data. 

Using NetSuite as your ERP? ShipBob's new general purpose integration helps you sync real-time data between NetSuite and ShipBob, so you can keep using NetSuite as your source of truth without switching between platforms.

Integrate directly from ShipBob’s App Store, or reach out to our team for support building a custom NetSuite integration.

Learn more.

NetSuite Integration
Magento Integration

Adobe Commerce Integration

Seamlessly connect Adobe Commerce to ShipBob to fulfill your orders.

Selling on Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento)? Our new direct integration connects your store and ShipBob in minutes!

Integrate directly from ShipBob’s App Store to sync real-time, critical data, all while increasing visibility and improving your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Learn more.

BigCommerce Inventory Sync

Prevent overselling, and display stock levels in real time. 

Say goodbye to manual inventory updates when you enable these new ShipBob features for your BigCommerce store:

Inventory sync: Auto-sync inventory counts between BigCommerce and ShipBob every ~15 minutes. Inventory quantity will only update in BigCommerce if ShipBob shows lower stock levels (or if ShipBob has a stock increase due to restocking, warehouse receiving orders, etc.).

Inventory threshold: Prevent overselling by specifying a safety buffer when syncing ShipBob inventory quantities with BigCommerce. If a SKU’s quantity falls below the value you set, we will post 0 as the sellable quantity back to BigCommerce.

Learn more.

BigCommerce Inventory Sync Integration

Developer API Updates 

Improve visibility and security when generating API access tokens.

Not only can you save time generating API access tokens directly from your ShipBob dashboard, we’ve also released several enhancements to improve visibility and security:

  • Email notifications to your parent account whenever new tokens are generated
  • A token history to view who generated tokens and when
  • A maximum active tokens of 10 per account

Learn more or visit ShipBob’s Developer Documentation.

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Sell Everywhere

Are you keeping up with shopper preferences? With our latest updates to ShipBob’s advanced technology, extensive network, seamless EDI integrations, and first-of-its-kind direct integration with Amazon, you’ll be able to expand your reach and conquer new markets with ease. 

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Fulfill Shopify B2B Ecommerce

Automate fulfillment for your Shopify B2B and wholesale stores.

Attention, Shopify B2B and wholesale store owners! You can now easily identify and fulfill your Shopify B2B ecommerce orders with ShipBob by simply adding an order tag rule to your shop.

This new feature will include a generic GS1 label and packing slip for each B2B ecommerce order. Plus, tracking information will automatically be uploaded to Shopify! To get started, click the button below 👇 

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Fulfill B2B Orders Using Any EDI Platform

Achieve seamless B2B integrations with your EDI partner(s) of choice.

We’ve made it easy to connect with retailers using your preferred EDI partner! ShipBob can now create integrations with new retailers and EDI partners in a matter of days, instead of months.

Looking to launch or ramp up your B2B business quickly?  Connect with one of our B2B experts today!

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B2B Photo Upload (1)

B2B Order Timestamps & Photos

Improve B2B order visibility, and prevent retailer chargebacks.

Are you looking for a way to fight costly chargebacks from retailers? This new ShipBob feature provides you with timestamps detailing when a freight or prepaid parcel order has been sorted and picked up.

This gives you visibility into outbound orders, along with the ability to combat expensive retailer chargebacks with photo attachments. 

FBA Prep

Gain FBA prep improvements that ensure FBA compliance

Having your Amazon Seller Account suspended due to non-compliant FBA prep orders costs your business thousands in lost sales. Ensure compliance through ShipBob’s 3-part validation process during the packing process.

Our team will confirm your shipments are fulfilled on time, and within Amazon’s mandated dims and weights. We’ve also improved tracking visibility with linked tracking URLs on your ShipBob dashboard. To get started, connect your Amazon Seller Central account.

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Delight Shoppers

Give your customers what they want, and they'll come back for more. From new automation rules to branded packing slips, we’re making it easier for your brand to meet customer expectations at scale with personalized unboxing experiences and fast, affordable fulfillment and delivery. 

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Partial Shipment Rules GIF

Self-Serve Partial Shipment Rules

Get orders into customers’ hands faster.

Rather than have orders go into exception and manually split them when not all items are available in a single fulfillment center, reduce the operational burden and optimize for timely delivery with partial shipment rules.

Now available to enable from your ShipBob dashboard, you can set a maximum number of shipments per order, turn on partial backorders, and enable split shipments from international sites.

Learn more.

Inventory Placement Early Access

Unlock cheaper 2-day shipping in the US.

Inventory Placement helps your team reduce operational complexity and costs — and your customers will love it too.

Why? We use your unique customer mix and order history to place your products closer to end customers, so they get their orders faster and cheaper.

Inventory Placement is available by request in the US for high order volume brands.

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Custom packing slips Spring for ShipBob WMS

Custom Branded Packing Slips Early Access for ShipBob WMS

Delight customers during the unboxing process.

Coming soon and exclusively for ShipBob WMS customers, we will have a new option to enable customizable packing slips.

Use flexible customization settings to edit a letter-sized template, including options to:

  • Upload your brand logo
  • Write a custom note from your brand
  • Display a gift message from the gift giver to the receiver
  • Modify positioning for your logo and gift message

Early Access coming in June ‘23 for ShipBob WMS. To get started, request early access!

Go Global

Going global doesn’t have to be complex. ShipBob makes international shipping simple with new ways to localize your dashboard based on where you ship orders from, and expand your global presence.

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Local Currency Spring

Local Currency & Billing 

View billing and pay in your preference of CAD, GBP, EUR, or AUD (or USD).

In the ShipBob dashboard, you can now switch from USD to view pricing in the local currency of all countries we fulfill orders in, while also paying in that local currency.

🇦🇺 Fulfilling from Australia? Choose AUD 
🇨🇦 Fulfilling from Canada? Choose CAD
🇬🇧 Fulfilling from United Kingdom? Choose GBP
🇪🇺 Fulfilling from Ireland or Poland? Choose EUR

To enable this feature, get in touch with our team.

Learn more. 

ShipBob's Global Fulfillment Network
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🇬🇧 United Kingdom






🇪🇺 Europe

📍Gorzow, Poland

📍Netherlands coming soon! 🌱


🇦🇺 Australia





🇨🇦 Canada

📍Brampton, Ontario



🇺🇸 United States

📍30+ US Warehouses 


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🌏 Global Shipping


📍Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) to 200+ countries from all ShipBob locations

📍Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)
to 200+ countries from US, Canada, and UK locations

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