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Why ShipBob Canada?

Grow your ecommerce sales in Canada.

Expanding to the Canadian market allows you to reach millions of new customers. For US-based businesses, Canada represents an easy cross-border opportunity given its proximity to the US and similar policies, taxes, and restrictions. For other global ecommerce businesses, Canada’s exponential growth in the ecommerce sector provides many opportunities for growing brands.

If you’re looking to grow your ecommerce business internationally, selling to Canadian consumers is a great place to expand, and storing your inventory and fulfilling orders near them is the best way to do it.

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Localize your ecommerce fulfillment strategy

Whether you’re already selling to Canadian customers or looking to get started, shipping orders to Canada from other countries is not ideal. It can be costly for your business and detrimental to the customer experience.

Shipping from outside Canada means longer transit times, potential delays in customs, and additional charges or tariffs, leading to bad customer experiences, higher cart abandonment, and slower growth in the Canadian market. By storing inventory in Canada, you’re able to meet the Amazon-level expectations of Canadian-based customers.

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Provide your Canadian customers with fast and affordable shipping

ShipBob partners with leading carriers to secure competitive shipping rates and fast delivery times within Canada.

📦 Standard shipping: 1-7 days

🚀 Expedited shipping: 1-5 days

🌏 International shipping to 200+ countries

📬 Canada Post, UPS, TForce

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Get ShipBob's best in class fulfillment services, integrated tech, and guidance in Canada

Like the entire ShipBob fulfillment network, our Canada fulfillment centers run on ShipBob’s proprietary warehouse management system, standard SLAs, and experienced support team to provide the same level of world-class fulfillment and transparency.

Along with customs, duties, and becoming a non-resident importer, ShipBob will walk you through the process of sending freight to our Canada fulfillment center and other considerations.


ShipBob's Canadian Locations


Brampton, Ontario

ShipBob's first fulfillment center is located in Toronto, Ontario and is ready to start storing your products today!


Brampton, Ontario

ShipBob has added more capacity in the Toronto area with a second fulfillment center located in Ontario and is ready to start storing your products today!


Surrey, British Columbia

ShipBob's first fulfillment center in Western Canada is located in Surrey, British Columbia, and is ready to start storing your products today!

Getting Started

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Getting Prepared

You’ll work closely with the ShipBob team to ensure you have the information you need (pricing, zone maps and time in transit estimates, and timeline) before you move inventory to Canada.

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Once our Canadian fulfillment center receives your inventory, please allow the standard 3-day receiving SLA before we run your first order.

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After launch, we’ll check in with you to ensure all orders have gone out accurately and with the right pricing associated. All order details, inventory and SKU data, billing, and analytics will be found on the same pages in the ShipBob dashboard.